Rhodium Plated Jewelry

The facts about rhodium plated jewelry

What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is a precious metal that’s about 10x more expensive than gold. It’s specifically known for its super dazzling brilliance which makes it a fabulous substance for making jewelry look much more brilliant, sparkly, and to put a mirror sheen on any rhodium plated jewelry. It’s sort of like chrome, but way brighter and better.

There is no all-rhodium jewelry since rhodium is very brittle and difficult to work with in making solid jewelry. The other issue is the volitility in the market price for rhodium. Prices fluctuate between five times the price of gold all the way up to over twenty five times the price of gold!

The main usage for rhodium is for rhodium plating white gold, platinum, silver and any other pale precious metal jewelry. Rhodium plated diamonds really are amazing to look at. It makes the stones look larger and way brighter since it’s difficult to tell where the diamond ends and the rhodium plating begins. There really is nothing more incredible than rhodium plated diamonds!

Rhodium plated jewery is famous for it’s mirror-like sheen that leaves the jewelry extra dazzling.

Issues with rhodium plated jewelry

Since rhodium is a brittle and fussy material to use for plating jewelry, it will eventually wear off leaving the base metal beneath. If you don’t mind antique looking necklaces or rings, then there isn’t an issue, but if you want your rhodium plated items to stay vibrant, you will have to have them re-plated every once in awhile depending on how much constant contact you have with your jewelry.

For example, something like the pendant of a necklace, earrings, or a brooch with rhodium plating will stay sparkly for a very long time, but a ring or wristband will show wear much sooner. It really doesn’t matter how high the quality of the rhodium plating on any “high wear” jewelry, eventually all rhodium wears off and will need a trip to a local jeweler.